Angels Must Be Singing

When I think of you,
In my mind I can so plainly see,
Your just a little baby,
I’m bouncing you on my knee,
Your cheeks are stained red from a cherry Popsicle,
I give you a tickle and you start to giggle,
And then you say Daddy, and I swear I can hear,
The voice of a million angels all singing in my ear.

When I think of you,
I transcend reality,
Suddenly it’s your first day of school,
You’re turned and looking back at me,
And as we wave goodbye,
I wipe a tear from my eye,
You say “Daddy, please don’t cry”,
Then I know you’ll be just fine.

When I think of you,
It’s as if you’re right by my side,
I recall tucking you in,
And whispering in your ear each night,
You crack a slight smile so sweet,
As I lightly kiss you on your cheek,
I love that you know my voice,
Even when you’re fast asleep.



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