Angels Must Be Singing

When I think of you,
In my mind I can so plainly see,
Your just a little baby,
I’m bouncing you on my knee,
Your cheeks are stained red from a cherry Popsicle,
I give you a tickle and you start to giggle,
And then you say Daddy, and I swear I can hear,
The voice of a million angels all singing in my ear.

When I think of you,
I transcend reality,
Suddenly it’s your first day of school,
You’re turned and looking back at me,
And as we wave goodbye,
I wipe a tear from my eye,
You say “Daddy, please don’t cry”,
Then I know you’ll be just fine.

When I think of you,
It’s as if you’re right by my side,
I recall tucking you in,
And whispering in your ear each night,
You crack a slight smile so sweet,
As I lightly kiss you on your cheek,
I love that you know my voice,
Even when you’re fast asleep.



Images Of The Familiar

I think often of those times in the past,
And how at that time, which so swiftly passed,
Was held in place a space for me to dwell,
In a memory of a moment I remember so well.

And what I recall in the memory I see,
Is that you’ve always been right there with me,
And though you may not recall, I surely do,
For even in this moment I’m remembering you.

As my Father you loved me when you raised your voice and corrected the error in my way,
As my Mother you nurtured my confidence with praise, saying only what a Mother could say,
As my Brother you strengthened my bravery, I knew we were in it together,
As my Sister you gave me laughter, one of the world’s greatest treasures, lasting forever,
As my Friend you never did mind whenever I had something on mine,
As my Lover we shared everything, we were peas-in-a-pod…two-of-one-kind,
As my Daughter you inspired me, to be the man I never thought I could be,
And as my Son you encouraged my heart to believe in the things my eyes have yet to see.


A Note From The Author:

In a single-wide trailer not more than 20 feet away from the cars zooming by on U.S. 41 in Lutz, FL, at about 2:30 in the morning…I thought of you. It wasn’t the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, but that night I felt inspired to write down some of those thoughts so that one day you would know!


Here are some other pics of animals who got caught having a good “Think Sesh”!


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Images: pixabay


A Miraculous Expression

This ever changing world
Turning swiftly as we go,
Seas churning,
Deserts burning,
Whistling winds,
Whipping to and fro,
Sunny Summer days,
Winter’s clear cold ice,
And powder white snow.
Autumn’s dead leaves,
Retired to make room for new,
Quietly falling all around,
Layer upon layer,
Adding substance,
Nourishing the ground.
Awesome blossoms ,
Springing forth each Spring,
Bringing both fruit and flower,
All expressions of His mighty power!
Millions of billions of trillions of miracles,
Day after day, each and every single hour.



When I Catch Myself Smiling

Sometimes, it just blows my mind,
When I consider how the sun shines,
Down on us human kind.
As I ponder how I came to be,
Living on this rock,
Floating in this sea,
Of light, surrounding me,
Happily, I play away the day,
Adrift, amidst the mist of eternity!


It all really is a miracle when you just stop and think about it. Wow. What ya think?